Throughout the United States, Performance works with various industries to develop the best solution using properly trained and experienced staff.  If you need additional information, feel free to contact us to discuss. We are confident that you will not be disappointed.


Municipalities typically own and operate a variety of buildings, and government officials often come to us with requests to help them assess air quality or test for hazardous substances within government-owned properties. Performance also offers civil engineering services to assist communities, including those covering the areas of stormwater and wastewater treatment and watershed studies.  In addition, we help municipalities with the process of brownfield redevelopment when the federal EPA has issued grants to communities for that purpose.


Because hospitals and other health care systems often add to their complexes through renovation or buying new properties, they rely on Performance to assist them with related issues.  This can include asbestos inspections and testing in the case of renovation and Phase I ESAs or Property Condition Assessments in situations where hospitals are looking to purchase new land or structures.  Since dust that contains fungi and bacteria is dangerous to patients with compromised immune systems, Performance also helps hospitals maintain good air quality as they seek to suppress dust as required by their internal standards.

Industrial / Manufacturing

Performance provides industrial hygiene services for manufacturing companies to make sure employees are not exposed to hazardous substances above OSHA or state levels.  We can assist with EPA and OSHA compliance issues at manufacturing plants, and plant decommissioning is a service we provide.

Since many firms are interested in becoming a “green” company and receiving recognition from the EPA and others, they request greenhouse gas emission inventories as part of attaining that distinction.  We can also assist with waste minimization by examining waste processes, and we partner with manufacturing firms in the areas of permitting, ISO registration audits, and emergency response planning. When a company wants to sell, Performance looks at the environmental liability the company presents through potentially hazardous substances on the site.


Schools have a special regulation governing them known as AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act), named after a federal mandate enacted in 1986.  The law, enforced by the EPA, requires that every school (K-12, public and private not for profit) conduct an initial asbestos inspection to determine the location and condition of asbestos-containing materials and submit a management plan to the state government for approval.  In addition, the EPA under AHERA requires a “periodic surveillance” for asbestos-containing materials which must be performed every 6 months after implementation of the management plan, and the regulation also requires a follow-up inspection every 3 years.

Performance can assist schools and institutions through the initial inspection, periodic surveillance and reinspection processes and we help them ensure compliance with all aspects of the AHERA regulation including training of personnel.

Performance also helps schools assess factors that may affect student and faculty health such as concerns about indoor air quality thought to be causing allergies or illness.

Facility Management / Construction

Facility managers and construction companies request help from Performance when building renovation or demolition is considered or planned.  Because specific hazardous materials must be removed from a building before renovation or demolition begins, Performance can help assess existing materials and levels, recommend contractors and oversee the abatement process.  We can also act as a safety consultant for companies that lack a staff safety officer and can provide safety training for general contractors.

Real Estate

The commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional real estate markets rely on Performance as a trusted real estate advisor throughout the project lifecycle.  In most real estate acquisitions and development projects, the goal is to realize an increase in the value of the property.  To achieve it, you need to address complex site constraints, navigate regulatory and entitlement issues, and receive timely and valuable due diligence.  That’s where we come in. When you work with our team of professionals, you gain access to a full complement of assessment, evaluation, design, technical, regulatory and construction insight — all working together to help you achieve your goals.