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Desiring to create a company where the sense of teamwork and quality of work environment matched the level of expertise of its staff, Performance Environmental Services, Inc. was formed in 2000 after years of working together in a variety of environmental consulting settings.

As we earned the trust of our clients, they in turn referred new clients to us, and the volume of our work increased.  Over the years we have added to our staff and offered new services in order to serve our clients better. At Performance, we’re proud of the way we work together and the expertise of the individual members of our team.

Call us at 248.926.3800. We’d like to start earning your trust today by giving you straight answers to your industrial hygiene and environmental consulting questions.


Much of our work at Performance involves taking care of issues people would prefer they did not have.  Our clients often rely on us to handle their most urgent problems quickly, efficiently and discreetly.  We work irregular hours — nights and weekends — because our client needs require it.


In a field where EPA, OSHA, DOT and state regulations play a prominent role, Performance handles the details carefully and precisely. In an area often ruled by hype, you can count on us to stay cool and give you straight answers about the services you need.


Our ability to get the job done right for our clients comes not only from our years of experience in the industry but from the variety of projects we’ve worked on.  Whether it is a highly sensitive, sterile environment like a hospital, or a highly regulated, extensive project like a power plant decommissioning, our team has the background and skill sets to handle it efficiently and effectively.


Our strength is our approachable, knowledgeable team of professionals, most of whom have multiple certifications.  You can be sure that whatever your needs in the field of environmental, health and safety consulting, we can help.

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