Industrial Hygiene

Our scientists and engineers are committed to protecting the health and safety of people throughout industries and workplaces of all types.  With this in mind, our team can assist you with all your industrial hygiene needs since we have expertise in all aspects of industrial hygiene including mold remediation.

We specialize in monitoring industrial air quality with special emphasis on Hexavalent Chromium, Silica, Oil Mist, Carbon Monoxide, and other air contaminants.  If you are concerned about unknown hazards on a job site, we can conduct a Worksite Analysis, Program Review, or Exposure Monitoring to identify and reduce the risk of potential dangers your workers may encounter.  If your employees need fit testing to enter a confined space, we can provide both quantitative and qualitative fit testing. We can design Engineering Controls to minimize or eliminate hazards.

The Worksite Analysis is an essential first step that helps our Industrial Hygienists determine what jobs and workstations are the sources of potential problems.  This analysis typically consists of the following:

  • Investigations and examinations of hazards and potential problems or dangers;
  • Measurement and identification of exposures and risks that may occur during job related activities;
  • Recommendations on improving the safety of the environment by implementing appropriate corrective measures; and,
  • Ensuring that workers are following health and safety procedures through engineering, work practice, or administrative controls.

To further assist you, Performance can help design and implement a variety of programs in your facility such as Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) and Respiratory Protection as well as awareness training for Lead, Asbestos, Silica and other hazardous materials.