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Knowledgeable.  Reliable. Approachable.  Our ability to get the job done right for our clients comes not only from our years of experience in the industry but from a variety of projects on which we’ve worked.  Whether it’s a highly sensitive, sterile environment like a hospital, or a highly regulated, extensive project like a power plant decommissioning, our team has the background and skills set to handle it efficiently and effectively.  Performance – it’s in our name, it’s what we do.

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Let Performance help you weave through the regulations. 

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Asbestos / Lead Consulting and Testing

Buildings to be renovated or demolished may contain hazardous or regulated materials that require professional handling including repair, abatement and/or special disposal.

Abatement / Remediation Management

Performance can provide project oversight and air monitoring during abatement and we can help establish budgets, create bid documentation, identify abatement contractors, and establish a schedule.

Indoor Air Quality / Water Loss

Water damage can be a costly occurrence and often result in extensive damage to a structure and its contents as well as increase microbial contamination such as mold growth and bacteria.

Industrial Hygiene

Our staff are committed to protecting the health/safety of people in all types of industries. Let us assist you with your industrial hygiene needs including mold remediation.

Property Condition Assessments

Performance provides PCAs for a variety of clients, encompassing hospitals and other commercial, residential, new construction and industrial facilities.

Environmental Risk Management / Due Diligence

When purchasing property or upgrading a facility, evaluating potential environmental risks is critical.  Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments should be an essential step.

Federal / State / Local Regulatory Compliance

Performance’s regulatory compliance services range from preparing permit applications to developing strategies for meeting new standards.


Performance conducts many OSHA, EPA and state training classes related to environmental, health and safety. Performance can provide your training needs…just ask.